Schools’ Strategic Plans

Each school maintains a strategic plan to guide its operations.  After reviewing all of the elementary schools’ strategic plans, I compiled a list of those schools that listed special education as a weakness or threat – Elementary Schools Strategic Plans Weaknesses and Threats.

Two common threads I noticed as to why schools listed special education as a problem:

1. Not enough Special Ed support, and

2. The achievement gap between students with disabilities and the general population.

I see the two intertwined – if schools don’t have adequate special education support then how can special education students achieve the same academic success as their general population peers?

Take the time to review the list, review your own school’s strategic plan, and contact your local school/board members to find out what is being done to move special education from being a weakness or threat to being a strength and opportunity.


Project Read (Read, Education & Advocate for Down Syndrome)

GiGi’s Playhouse and Emory students have teamed up to offer Project Read (Read, Education and Advocate for Down Syndrome) to improve and practice reading skills for children with down syndrome.

If you are interested, email

Opportunity School District

The House and Senate are having a hearing today on the Opportunity School District. This will give you an opportunity to hear more about the plan. You can view the live stream now at

Also take the time to read the following AJC article by Eric Wearne.

Eric Wearne is a faculty member in the Georgia Gwinnett College School of Education and a founding board member and current board chair of Latin Academy Charter School in the Atlanta Public Schools.

2015 Summer Games Special Olympics Registration

2015 Summer Games Registration
NOW OPEN until February 20th!

Practice times and locations have not been confirmed, but you can plan on the practices to begin the week of March 2nd.  Once you register, the coach will contact you with more information.

To register, please email Michelle Padgett at with the following information:

  • Name (Athlete and Parent)
  • Contact number and email
  • Sports of 1st and 2nd Choice
    • Table Tennis
    • Athletics (Track and Field)
    • Aquatics
    • Flag Football – this is a new sport.  Once registered, the coach will contact you with more information about evaluations which will be held February 21st.  There will only room for 2 teams this first year.  Athletes who do not attend the evaluations or do not make the final cut will be placed in their 2nd sport option.  For more information, please contact Mark Keesee at

For more information about the sports, please contact Mark Keesee at  For information about registration, please contact Michelle Padgett at