HB 1013 Update

It looks like HB 1013 will not be moving before crossover day. We wish it had the legs but due to election year politics and how quick the session is moving, we wont see these changes this year. If you have a few minutes today feel free to call or shoot a email to some of the sponsors of the bill to thank them for the work on this issue. All you need to say or write is “Thank you for sponsoring and your work on HB 1013, I hope to see it passed next year.” Below is the contact information for the sponsors.

Chuck Efstration

Mike Dudgeon

Valencia Stovall

Joyce Chandler

David Casas

Shaw Blackmon


CCSD Title 1 Department Seekng Input on Federally Funded Programs Including IDEA, March 1 at 6:30 pm

The Cobb County School District Federal Programs (Title I, II, III, IDEA and Carl D. Perkins) invites the public, parents, staff, and students to give input on federally funded programs. Title I, Title II, Title III, Carl D. Perkins and IDEA seek input on the use of funds as well as the development of the Comprehensive Local Education Agency Improvement Plan (CLIP). Additionally, you are invited to give input on Homeless Program services and the revision of the Title I Parental Involvement Policy.

March 1
6:30 to 8:00 pm
Campbell Middle School
3295 South Atlanta Road
Smryna, GA 30080


“Inclusion: What does it all mean” Webinar, Tuesday, 2/23 at 7 pm

AADD offers webinars about various issues, with a free training webinar tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 23rd from 7 to 8:15 pm about inclusion and what it all means to us in our communities. Join Marion Curry and Scott Crain to learn more about inclusion and what is happening across the state. Find out how to build your own personal strategies and how to engage your community.  Register Now!

HB1013 Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act

Improvements to the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (SB 10) is currently in progess. The bill number is HB 1013. This will increase flexibility in the use of tuition dollars and move the scholarship out of the Georgia Department of Education to the Governor’s office of Student Achievement.  Crossover day is next week (Feb. 29th). We are running out of time to get the bill over the hump.

If you can take 5 mins today and call the House Education Committee Chairman, Brooks Coleman. All you need to say is “I’ve been watching HB 1013 and I wanted to see some flexibility in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (SB 10). I know we are getting close to the end and was hoping to see it get passed out of committee and hope to have your support.”

Below is the contact information for Chairman Coleman.

Brooks Coleman Contact Information:

If you have any questions please let Steven Quinn know.

Steven C. Quinn
Field Coordinator for Georgia
P: 252.349.8751


GSU Research Studies of Children with Down Syndrome

Georgia State University is currently enrolling children with Down syndrome aged 5-11 years for its studies. Your child will come to the GSU lab ONCE to walk, jump, and climb stairs. The aim is to understand movement patterns in children with Down syndrome and hopefully use this information in the future to design effective intervention to improve their motor and cognitive function. The studies are observational, which is not invasive and does not use your child’s medical record. Participation will take about 2 hours of your child’s time.

If interested contact:

Jianhua (Jerry) Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health
Director, Center for Pediatric Locomotion Sciences
College of Education and Human Development
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30302-3975
Tel: 404-413-8476; Email: jwu11@gsu.edu

GSU study flyer for DS

Upcoming FOCUS Workshops

Come and learn something new at the FOCUS office!   February and March workshops include:

Wed. Feb. 17:  Guardianship: Pros and Cons
Tues. Feb. 23:  ESY: The How, What, and Why of ESY (Extended School Year)
Tues. Feb. 23:  Deeming Waiver: How to Apply 
Fri. March 11:  Deeming Waiver Appeal and Special Needs Trust
Sat. March 12:  NOW/COMP How to Apply
Sat. March 12: Potty Training
Wed. March 16: Guardianship: Let’s Get the Petition Ready to File
Wed. March 23: IEP and Parent Rights

For More information and to RSVP to the workshops, Click HERE!