2018-2019 SSA Assignments

Attached you will find the 2018-2019 school year list of SSAs and their school assignments. If you have questions and need answers about special education at your school, you can contact your child’s case manager, teacher or the SSA assigned to your child’s school.

SSA Assignments


2018 Annual Parent Involvement Survey for Georgia Families Raising a Student with a Disability

You are invited to complete the online 2018 Annual Parent Involvement Survey for Georgia Families Raising a Student with a Disability which was developed by the Georgia Department of Education, Division for Special Education.

This survey is being distributed to families of students with disabilities in all Georgia public schools through the online link you will find below.  Parents with more than one student receiving special education services may fill out a survey for each student. All surveys are anonymous, and you are asked to please complete the demographic information to ensure the results reflect the overall demographics for the county. The survey link will remain open until May 15, 2018.

For further information about the survey, please see the flyer attached; if you need assistance, contact the CCSD Special Education Parent Mentors at 770-529-0046.

To complete the survey, click this link: www.gadoe.org/Parent-Survey

2018 Annual Parent Involvement Survey

Update: Changes in CCSD Special Education Department

About 54 of the current SSAs will keep their SSA position but will cover 2 schools. They should know before Spring Break what schools they will be assigned to.

The remaining SSAs have received their teaching reassignments for the 2018-2019 school year. They do know what schools they are assigned to.

The changes are being made due to a lack of allotments and in an effort to maintain and increase services for special needs students.

Changes in CCSD Special Education Department

It seems there are changes being made in the special education department. Many SSA’s are being reassigned to classrooms. The remaining SSA’s will have 2 schools to oversee instead of one. SSA’s were created as a result of the external special needs study completed a few years ago. This role provided parents with a special education representative at the school level.

Contact your SSA’s and board members to find out about these changes.