Schools’ Strategic Plans

Each school maintains a strategic plan to guide its operations.  After reviewing all of the elementary schools’ strategic plans, I compiled a list of those schools that listed special education as a weakness or threat – Elementary Schools Strategic Plans Weaknesses and Threats.

Two common threads I noticed as to why schools listed special education as a problem:

1. Not enough Special Ed support, and

2. The achievement gap between students with disabilities and the general population.

I see the two intertwined – if schools don’t have adequate special education support then how can special education students achieve the same academic success as their general population peers?

Take the time to review the list, review your own school’s strategic plan, and contact your local school/board members to find out what is being done to move special education from being a weakness or threat to being a strength and opportunity.


One thought on “Schools’ Strategic Plans

  1. Kim-Thanks for this report. This is what I discussed before the board last October-the achievement gap among special education students. Thanks again for bringing awareness and sharing the report.


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