Meeting Notes from StudentsFirstGA discussion of Special Needs Scholarship

Below are the notes from our meeting on last Friday with Steven Quinn of StudentsFirstGA where we discussed the proposed changes to the Special Needs Scholarship.

Proposed changes

1) More flexibility. Ability to use surplus for therapy, tutoring, supplies, or textbooks instead of losing.

2) Move SB10 out of DOE to Governor Office of Student Achievement, a more responsive office.


GA Student First
Excel Ed


Currently in Draft


Need a representative to attach to it. Sponsors have an idea of who they want to represent.

House Bills

We also discussed the following house bills.

HB 614

Camera Bill – passed out of house. Proposed pilots schools that already have the set up.

HB 865

Bill on Floor. Will create an account for low income families – $25M. Right now top 10% gets money before lower income families. Money is exhausted before low income families can get any. The State Scholarship Organization (SSO) serves as a middle man between school and district to manage dollars. Triple A, GISA and AHRETE are SSO’s contracted by district.

HB 659

Transparency bill – schools more transparent on how spend money. Allow parents access to know how schools spend money.


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