Student’s First Education Advocacy Summit

This past Friday, I attended Student’s First Education Advocacy Summit.

Erin Hayes, who is part of the 33 member panel of the Education Reform Commission, provided an overview of the ERC.

When I receive a copy of the presentation, I will post. Below are a few notes I took.

5 committees

  1. Funding – formula based on student needs. For Students with Disabilities funding will be based on 1) primary disability and 2) amount of time needed to service students.
  2. Teachers/Recruitment – compensate Special Education Teachers
  3. Early Childhood Learning
  4. Move on When Ready
  5. School Choice

Funding Weights – weights can be stackable per student

  1. K-3 grades
  2. 4-5 grades
  3. 9-12 grades
  4. Students with Disabilities
  5. Career/Tech
  6. Poverty
  7. EOSL
  8. Gifted



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