CCSD Parent Event 11/2

Tonight I attended the Parent Event at Lovinggod Middle School. The topic included a discussion of the State Indicators of Special Education and an overview of the Corporate Classroom.

Attached are the notes I took during the meeting and the State Indicators report provided at the meeting.


Scan_20151102 (2)

CCSD Parent Event 110215 Notes



2 thoughts on “CCSD Parent Event 11/2

  1. Hi David,

    Some improvements from the first meeting. The meeting announcement was posted on the district site this time. In terms of Q&A, much better as parents were able to ask questions from the floor. But I think that had more to do with the setting. Initially the meeting was to be held in the auditorium but the equipment wouldn’t work so we moved to a classroom which provided a more relaxed atmosphere. Parents were still asked to write questions on note cards but since questions were asked during the presentation not many questions were asked via note cards. I do feel enabling parents to verbally ask questions allowed for a more open dialogue between staff and parents. We will see how Q&A goes at the next meeting. I still would like for copies of the presentation materials to be posted on the district site.


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