CCSD Parent Event 09/28

Tonight I attended the Parent Event at Dickerson Middle School. The Topic included an overview of the Division of Teaching and Learning Support and Services.

I requested the presentation slides be posted on the district website. Susan Christensen said she will try to get them posted.

Attached are the notes I took during the meeting.

CCSD Parent Event 092815 Notes


3 thoughts on “CCSD Parent Event 09/28

  1. Kim-

    Good Morning!

    Did you find that the meeting was worthwhile? Also, are there any suggested changes that you’d recommend prior to the next meeting?


    • Hi David, Yes the meeting was worthwhile and very informative. Communication of the meeting was good, I did receive a flyer in my daughter’s folder and I saw some school’s had actually posted the flyer on their website. I would recommend the district post on it’s website as well. Additional recommendations would be to provide handouts of the presentation (or post to the district website) and to hold the q&a session in a more traditional format. Parents wrote questions on note cards and then turned them in. A lot of good questions were asked but in speaking with parents after the meeting some feel their questions weren’t fully understood nor answered. The q&a session could have been better had parents been able to ask the questions themselves and made sure their questions were answered.


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