CCSD Special Education Parent Mentor Position Re-posted

The Special Education Parent Mentor position has been re-posted with a close date of 9/24.

If you are interested in working as a Parent Mentor, be sure to apply through CCSD STAR. Parent Mentors are parents of children with disabilities employed on a part-time basis by their local school systems as mentors. They serve as a liaison between the district and parents. Click here for more info – Parent Mentors. This is a great opportunity to help families navigate the special education system.

To apply go to Select ‘Paraprofessionals’ under Job Categories, then select ‘Special Education’, and scroll to the bottom to click on the ‘Special Education Parent Mentor’ link.

Below is the job posting.

POSTING DATE:   07/01/2015
CLOSE DATE:   09/24/2015
LOCATION:   Special Student Services
POSITION:   Special Education Parent Mentor
JOB QUALIFICATIONS:   1. Education Level: High School Diploma or GED required; Bachelor Degree preferred 2. Certification/License Required: None 3. Experience: None 4. Physical Activities: Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities 5. Proficient Skills: Written and oral communication; computer skills; ability to work effectively with parents, school personnel, community members, and agency personnel The Board of Education and the Superintendent may accept alternatives to some of the above requirements.
JOB DESCRIPTION:   Encourages a collaborative partnership among parents, educators, agency personnel and community members as they work together to support families of children with disabilities who are navigating through the special education process.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:   1. Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance. 2. Develops communication introducing the program to schools, communities, and agencies. 3. Arranges meetings with families and with personnel representing schools, communities, and agencies. 4. Maintains a lending library of resource materials. 5. Maintains a website for the program. 6. Develops, delivers and maintains presentations for various aspects of the parent mentor program. 7. Attends statewide and metro area parent mentor meetings. 8. Meets with parent mentor liaison as needed. 9. Performs other duties as assigned by appropriate administrator.
OTHER INFORMATION:   This is a part time position.
SALARY:   $7,338.48 – $11,504.52
DAYS:   183
  FROM –   TO –
START DATE:   07/27/2015




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