CCSD Special Education Parent Panel Interview

I was able to participate in yesterday’s special education parent panel interview.

SRG Technology is conducting an overall program review of Special Education. They have been commissioned by Mary Elizabeth Davis, the Chief Academic Officer to assess how Cobb County compares to other counties both in Georgia and other states. They are about one month in the review process with the hopes of providing a completed report by April.

They are conducting interviews with parents, teachers, superintendent, budget from special education, general budget, and area superintendents.

The objective is to identify good aspects of special education services as well as challenges/issues facing special education families. They will look into the current status, delivery of services, common processes, budget status, and look at comparative data with other district.

At the conclusion of their review, they will identify recommendations for enhancement and improvements.

During the parent panel interview no district representatives were at the meeting. They were looking for specifics from families with experience with the system. Eight parents attended the morning session and two attended the night session.

The fact that only 10 parents participated is of concern considering almost 13,000 students are being serviced with IEPs. Another parent panel interview needs to be conducted and all special education families should be invited. If you are interested in participating I recommend you contact Mary Elizabeth Davis to express your interest and find out if another interview will be conducted.

Please provide comments if you also participated in the interview.


One thought on “CCSD Special Education Parent Panel Interview

  1. Hi was also invited to participate but I was alarmed only ten of us showed up two of those people are invited by me. I wasn’t sure if this parent interview was well distributed to other parents. I put it on face book both DSAA and cobb specail needs parents face book group. No one was responded to it. I think I agree with more opportunities for parents to participate on another interview. I talked to Dr. Saey, the top special education person I Cobb a day before the meeting and she was saying there are so many parents coming specially the morning one. I was expecting many more than what we had. Over all I thought we gave them good insight. Felt the meeting wasn’t faciliated well because one individual took to speak half of the time we were allwed to be heard. Thank you, Mahlet


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