DBHDD looking for Stakeholders to join DD Advisory Council

In case anyone is interested in applying.


DBHDD looking for interested stakeholders
to join DD Advisory Council

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities is looking for interested stakeholders who would like to apply to be a member of the DD Advisory Council.

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Department/Division of Developmental Disabilities on matters relating to the care and service of people with developmental disabilities served by the Department. These purposes shall be:

  1. To assist the Division in assuring the Department’s services to people with developmental disabilities reflect adherence to the standard of “best practice.”
  2. To assist the Division in assuring the Department’s programs for people with developmental disabilities provide quality services in a cost effective manner.
  3. To recommend improvements to the Division for existing programs serving people with developmental disabilities.
  4. To recommend development and implementation of additional programs for people with developmental disabilities in Georgia.
  5. To review the Department’s policy, policy revisions, and make recommendations regarding the adherence to the Department’s mission and the cost of proposed policies and amendments.
  6. To facilitate communication among Department staff, providers of services, service recipients, parents/guardians/advocates of people with developmental disabilities, and other public and private entities involved in delivering services to  people with developmental disabilities.

DD Advisory Council members serve a period of two years. Meetings are held in person at least 6 times a year, with subcommittee workgroups meeting at least 4 times a year. Conference call/Go to Meetings may be an additional 6 times a year.


If you are interested in applying to become a member, please fill out the application. Applications will be accepted until January 2, 2015. Please send completed applications to:

Dan Howell
2 Peachtree St.
22nd floor
Atlanta, GA  30303 


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