School Choice (HB251) Updates

Today, the board unanimously voted to update the school choice policy to include sibling transfers, feeder pattern transfers, and a waiting list.

Communication of these changes will be posted on the district website and all schools will be instructed to post on their websites as well.

Be sure to watch the video of today’s board meeting for Darryl York’s explanation of each policy. And read the MDJ articles here and here.

Before the board went into executive session, we were able to talk with Darryl York, Executive Director Policy, Planning & Student Support. He indicated the school choice application will open February 1, so continue to check the CCSD website as that date gets closer.

Also per Mr. York, Cobb County handles special education transfers through School Choice (HB251). So if you are considering another school for next year, be sure to complete the HB251 application. Once an application is received for a special education transfer, Mr. York confirms that the requested school can meet the student’s IEP and that there is space available.

In addition to getting the chance to meet and speak with Mr. York, I also got the opportunity to speak with Dr. Carol Seay, Assistant Superintendent Special Student Services. She informed me that as part of the independent special education review, families will be interviewed for their feedback.

So although special education was not on the agenda, by attending the board meeting I was able meet and speak with Mr. York and Dr. Seay. I encourage everyone, when you can, attend the board meetings. It is a great opportunity for the district to learn who you are and for you to voice your concerns.


2 thoughts on “School Choice (HB251) Updates

  1. Good summary Kim. Both issues, school choice and special education, still need much advocacy. But all steps forward are good, no matter how small. Agree that knowing board members and senior staff certainly helps our voices get heard.


  2. I think this is one of those rights parents had now we have to abide by waht COBB provide us for our kids education. It is all a form of controlling Cobb parents. I don’t like it. Mahlet


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